Letters to the Editor: September 9, 2020

Hawaii should be leading the nation

Hawaii is in a unique position to show the country how to manage the COVID-19 “crisis.” Isolated from random crossings by bordering states, incoming persons can be monitored to ensure they are not infected.


The recent deaths at the Hilo veterans care facility emphasizes how Hawaii has the ability to manage infections as a control group. In a scientific experiment, a control group is a group separated from the rest of the experiment, where the independent variable being tested cannot influence the results. Control groups can be separated into two types: positive or negative. A positive control group is a group where the conditions of the experiment are set to guarantee a positive result. A positive control group can show the experiment is functioning properly as planned.

The Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home should be a positive control group. Infection in that positive control group can help to identify what works; what doesn’t work. In a small control group, such as the care facility, there should not be any spread of COVID.

If Hawaii cannot prevent the spread in such a small positive control group, the draconian measures, such as lockdowns, prohibitive beach access, etc., are useless in trying to prevent the spread of COVID. In Hawaii, the overloading of hospitals is certainly a concern. Requesting support, such as a hospital ship, or similar from the federal government is something that can be done, and should have been done.

Hawaii should have been the state leading the nation in addressing the COVID “crisis.” Not the last one scrambling to play catch-up.

Teresa and Chuck Lyons


Support the arts

Aloha Theatre has released “The Laramie Project.” This is Jerry Tracy’s final production as artistic director for the theater. Filmed live on stage, this dramatic portrayal based on real life events needs to be seen by a larger audience. Go online to www.apachawaii.org to get your ticket, by donation only, and you will have the best seat in your home to this incredible experience. I laughed and cried. The actors did an amazing job, and are keeping our theater alive during an incredibly difficult time. Come support your arts.

Christe Edwards


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