Letters to the Editor: September 11, 2020

Let the people at Civil Defense do their job

I may be the only one who listens to the radio, hears Mayor Harry Kim announcing the Hawaii County Civil Defense message who has a complaint during this awful time of COVID-19. No matter what other people have to say about this, I just feel the need to announce in West Hawaii Today that I really do not appreciate his message. It would not be bad if he just sent a personal message through the mayor’s office since he is our mayor, getting paid to do his job but to say in his closing message five times: “Mahalo, this is the Hawaii County Civil Defense.” I get mighty upset when we do pay the boss at Civil Defense who is letting Kim do his job. I feel that Kim wants his old job back when he is done being our mayor in November. Even if it is right around the corner, I would like to have the mayor send a message over the radio, newspapers, Facebook, etc. from his office with his title.


Granted, Kim did a good job in Civil Defense in the past, but getting to know whom ever took over is hard when we only hear Kim.

Kim, please let Civil Defense take care of that issue on COVID-19 and end your term as mayor with some professionalism of that political world you live in. As cases rises here on the island and worldwide, I have high expectations of people in charge to do the right thing, after all, those are all essential jobs that we, the people do not have. Right now, the world we live in has changed dramatically, human beings have gotten so used to living a lifestyle of instant gratification that staying home, social distancing, and wearing a mask is a very hard job of the public. That world has turned around for us, we are the ones in “calaboose,” while the ones in jail have been let go — are they being monitored too?

Anyway, after calling Civil Defense several times and also leaving a message at the mayor’s office and still hearing him on the radio, I had to say my “2 cents” worth. Do not get me wrong, I really appreciate the essential workers that are doing a great job of turning my day into a hopeful one. For all other workers who have lost their jobs and their lifestyle, we can only hope that one day, we will be able to get back to normal (whatever that was). At this time, let’s hope the banks, insurance companies and big buck stores give us all a break along with Kim.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has lost someone during this time too.

Carol Zakahi


Stick to humor

I was glad to see that the author of Laughter Therapy did not bask in the dim light of her naivety like she did the previous week and others. Somehow she must think that readers go to her column for her one sided and disrespectful bashing and not for humor. It’s a democracy lady — you’re side lost so get over it!

She said a week ago, “Trump said hundreds of Governors are calling him. Duh… last time I heard we only have 50 states. Think about that. Yes take plenty of time.”

She was right there is only 50 sitting state governors. But, there are five governors from our permanently occupied territories. Duh … Once you are a governor you carry that title for life and Google says there are 250 living former governors. Duh… And 25 former territory governors. Duh … Think about that. Take plenty of time, for addition, but when you hit 330 you can stop.

You didn’t write anything when Biden said there have been 120 million COVID-19 deaths in the U.S., or when Biden said that 150 million U.S. deaths occur from guns. So, my question to Shay Bintliff: There are 318 million people in the U.S. and if we are to believe Biden’s numbers why is traffic still so crowded on Honolulu’s H-1 and Seattle/Portland’s I-5?

Don Zero


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