Enviromental eyesore

I am extremely dismayed by the comments made the anti-Thirty Meter

Telescope protest leaders in a recent article regarding the placing the



Hoku Kea telescope at Hale Pohaku. They’re opposed to locating it there

because it will negatively affect the environment and bring additional

traffic to the mountain.

These protesters need to look in mirror, as their TMT protest encampment

at Maunakea Access Road has negatively impacted an environmentally


area. Their encampment contains rubbish, abandoned vehicles, permanent

campsites w/ tents, etc. In addition, there is metal barrels that

contain an unknown substance near the permanent camping area.

The state and county have enabled this campsite to remain. The county

graded an

campsite area with taxpayer funded manpower and materials. This action


triggered a permitting requirement, but did not. I’ve also repeatedly

complained to the

Department of Hawaiian Homelands, the owner of the land under the


but have only received lip service.

This eyesore needed to be cleaned up yesterday, but it still remains.

I’m afraid nothing

will be done until the TMT impasse is resolved. In other words, these

protesters intend to hold the entire community hostage with this

eyesore until the TMT decides to leave or scrap the project entirely. If

this indeed their intention, it goes to show they don’t care about the

environment one bit.

The Department of Hawaiian Homelands, and the ani-TMT protesters need to


up their encampment by Maunakea Access Road immediately, which will

allow this

environmentally sensitive area heal.


Aaron Stene