Don’t be afraid, just vote

Do not let apathy, despair or dislike of the candidates prevent you from voting. If despair has made you apathetic about voting, consider the consequences of a loss for Biden, or even a close result which would most likely result in chaos for weeks. Our democracy is an imperfect one; there may be compromises and disappointments under a Biden administration. However, we will be moving towards a more benevolent and compassionate democracy and away from one based upon fear and divisiveness


And thank you to all those that have already voted.

Deborah Miller

Captain Cook

How hard would it be?

Hey Mr. Mayor, Kona folks are broke and need cash now. If I was in charge, the first thing I would do is open the Old Runway for a Saturday Swap meet. Snap lines every other 15’ for safety and monitor the flow of people.

The virus is forcing folks off the Island due to the loss of work and careers while losing their longtime homes. They love Kona, have kids here and deep island roots, but they just can’t possibly afford it anymore.

They carpool, bake, paddle and volunteer for our every event, their taxes fix the roads and pay government checks. It’s so sad and comes with bone crushing depression. They are whole families, our friends, neighbors, uncles and aunties.

There will be cars, kayaks, whole businesses computers to paper clips, wedding arches, a ton of convention supplies, disco balls and choke camera equipment too.

The DMV could have a tent ready to transfer your vehicles that day, instead of the 6 weeks wait now. Oh, and how about a dozen unemployment tents with real humans to talk to. How hard is it really?

Let’s do it fast because people need cash now.


David O. Baldwin