As I See It: Due process is a two-edged sword

Democracy is messy, sometimes it makes mistakes. Fortunately, ours has built in correction methods we call the checks and balances. The first is fixed terms, most people in power have to stand for re-election. If the people are not happy with the job their representatives are doing, they can vote them out next time. That is not the only limit. Legislators are limited in power by being one of many, unless they can enlist a majority of their peers, they can do nothing. Even if they accomplish that, they have to be joined by the other house, and the executive. It’s a slow process. If there is a clear and present danger, like Pearl Harbor, they cooperate quickly, but most of the time things get a thorough evaluation. Still mistakes happen. That’s why we have a Supreme Court that can say “You overstepped your authority, try again.”