Letters to the Editor: March 3, 2021

Before you speak

Mr. Elarionoff, I too am old but I understand math. I worked in college at a minimum wage of $1.85. Tuition was $400 a year. Since then, the late 1960s, minimum wage has gone up almost four times to $7.25, while college tuition at the same school is now $11,619. That is up 29 times. If minimum wage matched this increase it would now be $53 an hour. So, before you speak, learn about the varying rates of inflation and the effects on our society. Also, many of the jobs created in the past decades have been lower paying service jobs and a good percent of those working at them are now adults, not part-time students. You can’t bootstrap your way through college at $7.25 an hour when tuition alone is about your total annual take home pay if you work full time.


Stan Chraminski



The Wind Dances across the Pasture Land

The wind dances across the pasture land, as the cane and kiwi grass respond to its tune.

The sonic wave of tree branches reverberate releasing powerful sounds that perform in rhythm, reacting to its ebb and flow.

The sun illuminates the shades of colors of green, brown, gold,blue and yellow.

Out on the ocean the deep blue reflection of the sky is covered in abstract paint strokes of whitecaps.

While the heavens are filled with billowing cotton like clouds.

A mist covers the oceans edge whipped up by friction of wind and sea.

Is it rain or fog?

The answer is not important.

I sit quietly in my chair and thank God for the beautiful sights and sounds.

Lost in a moment of meditation, I forget the worries I walked out the door with and pretend all is well.

Vince Keelan



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