Letters to the Editor: April 30, 2021

A well-deserved shot at decision-makers

I have been reading letters from Janice Palma-Glennie since I arrived in 2004. The one in Wednesday’s paper is the best yet. She shows empathy for her fellow man and takes a well-deserved shot at the decision-makers around here. I will bet she loves the DLNR solution to the homeless people sitting on the rock wall at Kailua Pier. West Hawaii Today needs to get a photo of that beauty for the paper. If this is an example of infrastructure in 2021, we are in trouble.


Al Wehren



Trailer discrimination

I don’t own a pickup truck; I own a trailer. You have discriminated against me. I resent it.

You government folks changed the system some years ago when I could empty my trailer onto the ground then drive away. Then, you government bureaucrats changed the rules by rebuilding the entire site, causing me to have to unload my trailer by hand. Then you blocked off one of the dumping sites to three — at your convenience. The lines to empty our green waste became longer.

Then, you stop the entire process when it’s time for the trailer below to be changed. More delays. You administrators caused these delays.

Now you’re telling us it’s for safety? Who do you think you are? I can manage my own safety. I didn’t have a safety problem until you changed the system and caused it to be a problem.

My tax dollars are mismanaged there at the green waste facility by now requiring that I drive all the way to Waikoloa to dump my trailer.

You management types simply make things more difficult for us common folk, then coming up with terrible excuses as to why we must comply with your every edict and command. I resent you.

Barry Willis



It’s worth putting up with

In response to Ms. Melendez Wednesday letter to the editor: The fact that Gov. David Ige’s emergency proclamation was in place to keep our hospitals from being overrun has worked, considering other states that did not have restrictions and now have hospitals overrun with COVID patients, many not able to attend the patients. We have the lowest count of infections in the nation, so, obviously his action worked. Was Ms. Melendez saying that it did not work because our hospitals were not overrun?

She talks about the God-given immune system. God also spread plenty of viruses and germs, which killed millions of people over centuries (plague, chicken pox, paralysis, mumps, measles and many more). At the same time, God also gave people brains to figure out science and how to fight illnesses and pandemics.

Governments must focus on fear to insist on simple compliance — face masks, distancing and hand-washing, otherwise the less informed or educated would not know how dangerous this could be for them. Those going mask-less are endangering others by possibly spreading the disease. Minor complaints about the effects of face masks, which all of us, of course, hate, are worth putting up with considering the alternative.

Please wake up to reality, Ms. Melendez.

Christa Wagner



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