Letters to the Editor: June 8, 2021

Civil discourse is necessary for a democracy’s survival

As a left-leaning Independent, my views seldom align with those of Washington Post columnist George F. Will. But a democracy can only survive if there is civil discourse; respectful disagreement is the cornerstone of democratic governance. Compared to the lies and personal insults of the new Republican Party, Will is a breath of desperately needed fresh air. It is a reflection on his character and integrity that Will, arguably the intellectual flag bearer of American conservatism, resigned from the Republican Party as soon as Trump won the nomination.


I do not agree with Mr. Macdonald that Will “spews hate toward Democrats.” Will’s arguments are rational and well-researched. He does not stoop to deeply offensive personal insults as a substitute for rational debate as is common today. Instead, he argues based on facts and logic. He addresses issues rather than personalities. In the column that Mr. Macdonald objects to, Mr. Will argues that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to interfere with how states run elections. It is an important issue, regardless of partisan agendas.

The country needs more minds and temperaments like George Will. Thank you for regularly publishing his column. I may disagree with his opinion but I wholeheartedly support his right to express it. The very existence of our great country depends it.

Paul Richard McCullough



Adults need fun and exercise ­— just like kids

Adults are again turned away from using the Waimea District Park (Spencer Kalani Schutte District Park) in Waimea. Again.

Why? The policy seems to be that the keiki get the use the park while the adults get to look through the gate. Virtually all the adults who use the park in the mornings go out in the field area away from the jungle gym that the kids use. There is no interaction and no community spread, if that is still the excuse. Besides adults accompany the kids anyway. This is blatant age discrimination. This is unfair and wrong. Enough already.

I have asked the Department of Parks and Recreation director to correct this and also my councilperson and the mayor.

I know this frustrates and angers many Waimea adult residents. How long before the county defends a lawsuit? Come on, county, let us in! We adults need fun and exercise just like kids.

Tom Beach



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