Letters to the Editor: July 21, 2021

What’s going on?

I bought my then-rundown 5-acre coffee farm in 2000. My property tax then was $75. Working my (expletive) off over 21 years on my property, I pulled out the ragged coffee trees replaced them with Sharwil avocados and Navel oranges, and built a couple houses. And now for all my hard work, I’m being rewarded with a $5,000 property tax bill. Wha’s going on here?


David Miller


Stay safe, healthy and happy

I must say that I am simply amazed at the degree of ignorance that so many people in society display regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. While it is true that the COVID vaccine is not fully FDA approved, the vaccines are approved for emergency use. Well, if over 600,000 people in the United States are now dead due to coronavirus is not considered an emergency, then what the hell is?

If you care about yourselves and your loved ones and all other people just bite the bullet and get vaccinated. Here’s hoping that everyone stays safe, healthy and happy.

Doreen Vail


Problem solved

Because of all the news refuting any scientific facts about COVID-19, I feel there is a reasonable way to end the fake news. First, if anyone denies a vaccine works, they should be able to have that opinion , but if so they should put it in writing and any vaccine saved for them shall be allocated to those who want it, even if it is for a country that needs it before it is outdated and thrown away. Second, the ones who refuse vaccination will allow the insurance companies to deny benefits so the other people won’t have to bear the cost of their ignorance. This is a win-win as they can go around and infect others and we won’t have to bear their costs that will increase insurance rates. Problem solved.

David Macdonald

Captain Cook


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