Letters to the Editor: September 19, 2021

Tired of COVID extremism

Well, it’s official. Discussing anything to do with COVID-19 has been added to the “off limits list” along with religion and politics. If you dare to engage in a conversation with someone who thinks differently than you brace yourself. It usually ends up heated. Like many of you, I’m tired of COVID extremism.


COVID-19 alarmists don’t trust the doctors, the government or news coverage because their information source is the “real truth.” Yes, there have been mistakes and misinformation in the news but it’s not calculated evil.

It is obvious these alarmists have been influenced by sketchy media sources and their thinking has turned suspicious and paranoid. You’ll hear it in the first few minutes talking with them. I’ll listen to a balanced approach including alternative methods to combat this virus, but I can’t support crazy conspiracy theories.

COVID extremism is causing a huge division in our country. And division makes us weak. Do we really need another reason to divide? It’s sad to see family blaming family and friend turn against friend. We need to be smarter than that.

Come on people, let’s remember we’re in this together. I think we can learn from each other in a calm rational manner. But if we can’t, let’s not go there for the common good of our community.

Carrie Borge

Kailua Kona


Numbers don’t lie

At the time of this writing, the great Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is No. 1 in the following categories: Batting Average at .319, Homeruns at 44 and Hits at 170. In addition to that, Vladdy is third in Runs Batted In with 102. Yes, the Great Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has had a “Super Awesome” year.

Nobody in the American League of Major League Baseball has these kinds of numbers. Only fake sport’s news will deny Vladimir Guerrero Jr. the 2021 American League MVP Award. He deserves it for he has had a “Super Awesome” year that has been epic.

All in all, bar politics and racism, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is hands down the 2021 American League MVP. Numbers don’t lie and the great Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has them. Enough said!

Dean Nagasako



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