Making Waves: A tale of two parties

There once was a man with blinders on. He could only see straight ahead, that was it.

He was placed on the road of life and started walking, never seeing anything on either side of the road.


He had one of those red hats, but on his hat were the words “Only Me” in big white letters. So he was walking down the road only seeing right in front of his feet.

Lucky for him, three times a day more food than he could eat and a big wad of cash appeared on the road. He gobbled down the food and stashed away the cash and walked on, happy as a selfish little clam, you could say a shellfish little clam.

On both sides of the road were multitudes of people, men, women and children. Some were happy, some sad. Many were hungry and in need of a doctor. Many of them were from Mexico looking for a job to feed their familes.

They called out to the man with the blinders on to help them but he just straightened his “Only Me” hat and walked on, hearing their pleas but refusing to help.

He ate his food and counted his cash, ignoring the people around him. He had his, so why should he share it with others?

Then a strange thing happened, a pandemic where people along the road were getting sick and dying.

They developed a vaccine that could save everyone. As the blinder man was walking along, a person stepped out in front of him and told him of the pandemic and how people were dying, and then offered him the vaccine that would save him.

The person told him that without the shot he could die and spread the dreadful disease.

The man said it was his right to refuse the shot, and to heck with everyone else.

Later on, he met others with blinders on who thought just like him. They formed a big group that believed in keeping what they had for themselves, and not helping others who could not help themselves.

By the way, after a while the man got sick and you can guess what happened after that.

There was once another man without blinders on. He could see everyone around him and all their sorrows.

He was placed on the road of life and wore a blue hat with the words, “Help Others.”

He could see the multitudes of people along the road, women, men, children. They had all kinds of problems. Many were starving and in need of a doctor. There were people from faraway places looking for a job to feed their families.

He looked at them and said, “I have to help these guys!” He had plenty, so he gave half his food and cash to help others.

The man met the guy with the vaccine and was glad to give up his petty, selfish rights to save lives. He happily got two shots and a booster, and wore a mask every day.

Soon, he met others glad to share what they had and showed their care and aloha to everyone. They all got together and formed a big group that cared for others.

It is interesting that these groups that were so different are still with us.


They are the two political parties we have today.

Dennis Gregory writes a bi-monthly column for West Hawaii Today and welcomes your comments at