It was a good year if you are a mainstream Republican

In many ways, 2022 might seem like it was a pretty bad year for Americans on the political right. After all, the year saw record budget deficits, spending bills loaded with corporate welfare, a legally dubious student loan scheme, and disappointing election results for the Republican Party.

Trump’s returns shed light on tax offsets, foreign accounts

Democrats in Congress released thousands of pages of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns Friday, providing the most detailed picture to date of his finances over a six-year period, including his time in the White House, when he fought to keep the information private in a break with decades of precedent.

EPA finalizes water rule that repeals Trump-era changes

ST. LOUIS — President Joe Biden’s administration on Friday finalized regulations that protect hundreds of thousands of small streams, wetlands and other waterways, repealing a Trump-era rule that federal courts had thrown out and that environmentalists said left waterways vulnerable to pollution.

Afghan refugees in US face uncertainty as legislation stalls

WASHINGTON — Congress has failed so far to create a path to residency for Afghans who worked alongside U.S. soldiers in America’s longest war, pushing into limbo tens of thousands of refugees who fled Taliban control more than two years ago and now live in the United States.

New Year’s resolution: Improve our environment as a Master Gardener

Some folks might say making New Year resolutions is a waste of time, because we often forget what we resolved by the end of January. However, the main key to success is to make resolutions that are measurable, reasonable and reachable. For example, if every Hawaii Island resident planted just one tree a month in 2023, that would be well over two million trees to sequester carbon and produce tons of oxygen thus helping to slow global warming. To be practical, that might be a resolution too big to achieve. To bring the resolution down to scale, plant what you can in your garden.

At Southwest Airlines, a day of calm after a week of chaos

Youth in foster care revel in Teen Day activities

More than 20 young adults ages 12 to 17 had the chance to enjoy Teen Day, which was sponsored by the East Hawaii Youth Leadership HI HOPES board. The acronym stands for Hawaii Helping Our People Envision Success, and is led by Raquel Gali.

Obituaries: December 30, 2022

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