My Turn: Find a more appropriate use

I find it questionable that Kamehameha Schools is wrapping the development of a high-end resort in the envelope of honoring the Kamehameha III birthplace. It is smart of them to get the buy-in of the Daughters of Hawaii, who are the stewards of the Kamehameha III monument. I wonder if it was mentioned to the Daughters that once the land clearing starts for the resort area, one good rain will cause silt and debris to flow over the cliff onto the sacred monument and park, and, quite conceivably, into the adjoining ocean, fouling the already fragile waters of Keauhou Bay. There will be promises of erosion control and other mitigations but then a big rain comes along and excuses will be made that it was a 50-year or 100-year storm, so it couldn’t be helped. Many times over the last 30 years I have seen failed erosion controls and silting of shoreline waters from construction projects.