My Turn: Time to move on

This is outrageous and appalling. One local person, Debbie Hecht, said she was harassed while swimming in our public pool by several wannabe Ironmen that thought that she did not belong in their pool, but they thought that they did These are not the making of an Ironman. They can’t even practice in the ocean. Why then are they allowed to enter the Ironman contest where you have to swim in the ocean. I’m sure that Ms. Hecht pays her taxes as well as the rest of us that live here to support our pool. I hate to say it, but possibly we should ban non-locals from using the pool. That is what it is coming to. Every year the good people of Kona preach to the locals to treat the iron people with “aloha.” Problem is, they didn’t bother to tell the iron people about aloha, or possibly the iron people do not care about aloha.