Petition seeks to free Hawaiian man convicted of ‘91 murder

HONOLULU — A petition filed Monday outlining new evidence in one of Hawaii’s biggest murder cases asks a judge to release a Native Hawaiian man who has spent more than 20 years in prison for the sexual assault, kidnapping and murder of a white woman on the Big Island.

HFD seeks OK to hire grant manager

The Hawaii Fire Department is seeking County Council approval to hire a consultant to manage a nearly half-million dollar federal grant recently awarded to the county.

Editorial: Gas, electric, light and heat: Making sense of proposed state and federal curbs on gas stoves

All things being equal, burning gas isn’t the best way to cook. Not only are newfangled electric induction burners faster, but research suggests a correlation between the old blue flames and higher rates of asthma. Then there’s the global emissions problem. All of which is to suggest that, if money and labor and energy were unlimited, New York would be wise to wave a wand and switch to electric ovens (and electric heat-pumps to warm buildings, while we’re at it, but that’s another editorial).

The Bright Side: Off the richter!

It’s not common for something to be going so well that superlatives don’t do it justice, but that’s pretty much what is happening with the fishing along the Kona Coast right now. Fishermen are often associated with exaggeration, so let’s let the numbers do the talking here.

India meets East Africa in 1-skillet curried salmon filets

For centuries, the channel of ocean running between Mozambique and Madagascar provided passage and port to ships during the height of the spice trade. The results were delicious, combining local seafood and coconut with rich spice blends for seafood curries.

Quick Fix: Shrimp Sliders feature flavorful sauce

Shrimp sauteed in garlicky butter fills these little mini burger rolls. A sauce of mayonnaise, mustard, scallions and some Old Bay seasoning is spread on the rolls. Old Bay is a blend of herbs and spices, usually celery salt, red and black pepper and paprika. It’s mostly used to season shellfish.

Obituaries: January 24, 2023

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