The energy dilemma

We have two problems that underlie most other problems. First the need for safe, reliable power. Almost nothing in the modern world works without it. To produce power takes energy. The other problem is existential. Changing climate due to excess CO2 and CH4 affects everything, including access to energy. It affects where we can live and what we can eat. We cannot solve, or more correctly make any progress on either without considering the other. It’s instructive to start with electricity. Everyone should know that it’s not free. We have to make it. Fortunately, we know many ways. Most of the electricity ever made required burning fossil fuel, mostly coal. The transition from biological fuel like wood, to coal was simple and coal was, still is abundant. Unfortunately, it is mostly carbon. It is not pure, many of the contaminants, like uranium, are more worrisome than the carbon dioxide burning it creates.