Would you pay $400 for this designer pineapple?

Inflation and high food and housing costs are squeezing millions of families in the United States. At the same time, a designer pineapple priced at nearly $400 sold out within weeks of its launch. The disparity reflects a deepening chasm between luxury food consumers and average American families just scraping by.

3 spice blends you should be making at home

We’ve made it through winter, so let’s celebrate! It’s time for asparagus, snap peas, lettuces and vibrant greens. Time to get to the farmers market and grab rhubarb by the bundle and rush home to make a crisp.

Regarding unhoused: ‘We are far from done’

The recent Homeless Point-in-Time Count (PITC) results for Hawaii County, as reported on by the Tribune-Herald on June 6, indicates a significant reduction of 285 individuals or 28% in our unhoused population and should be celebrated. Yet this positive step may seem contrary to what many experience daily in downtown Hilo.