GOP convention takeaways: What virus? Fear motivates

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump refused to allow the coronavirus to deny him the crowd he craved for the Republican National Convention. He ordered up a scene never before seen at the White House: an American president using the South Lawn as the official backdrop for such overtly political activity. The federal guidelines about keeping distance, avoiding crowds and wearing masks to fight the spread of the virus were emphatically ignored.

Volcano Watch: A legendary part of the Wailuku River is again revealed

The “Hawaiian Sup‘pa Man,” demi-god Maui, had several adventures on the Wailuku River in the legendary past. He rescued his mother, Hina, who lived in the cave behind Waianuenue (Rainbow Falls), from Kuna, a threatening mo‘o (legendary giant lizard), eventually killing him and leaving his body as a small island in the pool fronting Hina’s cave.

BEZONA: Here we go again with another hurricane season

Hurricane season is officially here and the tropical Pacific has already had typhoon Amphan tearing up the Philippines in May. When it comes to hurricanes, to paraphrase an old adage, June is too soon, July-standby, August-a must, September- remember, then remember again October and November because it is not over until December.

MLB opening options include three regional divisions

NEW YORK — Major League Baseball is exploring various options that could allow the season to start if the medical situation allows, including a plan in which the 30 teams might be split into three regional divisions.

Under lockdown, try your hand at houseplants

Happy Easter and even though we can’t get out to church in our Easter attire, we can still appreciate nature’s rebirth at home. Since most of us are housebound, now is a good time to green up your home whether in a big house or small apartment. Using plants to beautify the indoors is referred to as interiorscaping and essential in homes today. With condominiums, apartment living and smaller yards becoming more common, one of the best ways to enjoy nature is by making it part of the indoors, especially since we are limited to staying home to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Even if you are lucky enough to have a home with a yard, interior landscaping brings it all together.

Island Life: Radiant moonset

The full moon reflects sunlight as it sets over the ocean around 5:45 a.m. Wednesday in Kona. (Cindy Whitehawk/Community contributor)