Council approves 4.1% budget increase: Parks, Fire, Police, licensing clerks among additions to Roth’s budget

Equipment for firefighters, repairs at parks, beefed up computer systems, more hours of community policing, four additional vehicle registration and licensing clerks and money for council contingency accounts added $1 million to Mayor Mitch Roth’s proposed operating budget, bringing the final tally to $610.1 million after final passage Thursday by the Hawaii County Council.

Planning Department outlines plan to fill CDP committees

Many of the citizen boards charged with advising the county on planning issues are getting by with holdover members whose terms have expired, and two don’t have enough members to make quorum, but progress is being made, Planning Department staff told a County Council panel Tuesday.

Water Board creates operations superintendent position

A shortage of qualified administrators has hit home for the county Department of Water Supply, which on Tuesday was given permission to add a superintendent position to its operations division to help shoulder the load.

Council advances budget after adding contingency funds

Stark philosophical differences among County Council members, coupled with limited funds and a lot of funding requests, led to some tense moments Thursday that threatened to blow up a special session on the budget but ultimately culminated in compromise.