Top 17 Sites to Buy TikTok Followers


TikTok is the fastest-growing social media app and the best place to build younger audiences. And making it big on TikTok is achievable, despite what you might hear from “experts.”

With more than a billion users uploading videos, however, it’s virtually impossible to have your content seen widely without some extra help. The secret is “cracking” the TikTok algorithms to build a larger audience, and only a small number of growth providers can help you do that so you can boost your popularity and importance on the app.

If you want to get things moving on TikTok and send your fan base skyrocketing, it’s important to invest in packages of followers from a reputable provider to get the ball rolling. Then just regularly and consistently post high-quality content, and you’ll see your TikTok influence growing rapidly.

Where do you find those reputable providers? By checking out our list of the best sites to buy TikTok followers in 2024.


As social media consultants, we’re always testing new ways to help our clients grow their online presence. When we discovered that long-time Instagram superstar Twicsy had added TikTok services, we were eager to see if their TikTok follower packages could deliver results.

Based on the packages they offer of 100-20,000 followers that cost $2.97-$99.99, we decided to purchase 1,000 followers to try them out.

Within minutes, the followers began appearing on our test account. Over the following week, visibility for our videos soared and engagement with them grew rapidly, as new organic followers viewed and liked our content. When all was said and done, we’d added more than 1,000 new people to our fan base (not counting the purchased followers).

We’re always honest about our recommendations, and Twicsy has proven deserving of the high marks. Whether you need a foundational boost or a major improvement in your following, Twicsy followers are a smart purchase. The results speak for themselves – this is now the top service we recommend for TikTok growth.


When helping another new client grow their TikTok account, we decided to test Buzzoid’s follower packages. Prices range from $4.99-$99.99 for 100-10,000 followers. Their mid-tier 1,500-follower option for only $29.99 seemed like a smart investment. Within an hour, all of the interactions had arrived.

Over the next week, we began to see great results as metrics jumped. Comments and views steadily climbed, but more importantly, the client had added nearly 2,000 new organic followers. It was clear that adding Buzzoid’s followers had triggered a massive increase in video exposure, allowing lots of new viewers to see the client’s content for the first time and decide to follow him.

Should any issues arise, Buzzoid promises responsive 24/7 support, and it’s for real. After a minor delivery delay on one of our client’s orders, their team quickly resolved things satisfactorily. As social media consultants, responsiveness is key.

Buzzoid’s outstanding service and reliable results make them another top choice for powerful growth on TikTok.


When a client asked for help growing their new cooking channel on TikTok, we knew we needed fast results from real users. After testing a few other services, TokMatik seemed right for what this client needed. Their 100-10,000 follower packages priced at $4.99-$99.99 seemed like a great deal that couldn’t be passed up.

Within an hour, all of the purchased authentic TikTok users were following the client. One week later, interactions like comments and likes exploded. It was clear this growing audience wasn’t fake; the followers we’d purchased triggered strong growth of organic followers who were engaging with the account.

Ordering and payment were quick and easy, and TokMatik’s 24-hour priority support was always available.

Whether you’re an individual or business, a casual content creator, or a would-be influencer, Tokmatik’s follower packages are perfect for success on TikTok.


Last up, we reviewed Rushmax, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. This provider stood out for its affordable and varied follower package options. Package prices started at $4.99-$99.99 for 100-10,000 real followers. We went with their 500-follower bundle for $16.99, and in minutes, delivery was complete.

Over the following week, the account’s fan base soared, and likes and comments grew as the new organic audience watched and liked what they saw. Rushmax consistently delivered the results promised.

Rushmax’s customer care also proved top-notch, addressing any questions quickly. Overall, their results and reliable service make Rushmax another of our suggested options for TikTok organic growth.

Others to Consider

These providers don’t receive our highest recommendations for reasons we’ll explain below. They all source and supply real TikTok followers, however, and your experience with them may be different than ours.

  • TheIGPros: Slow delivery kept this service out of our top four.
  • DVY Labs: Just as good as Twicsy and Buzzoid, but their followers cost much more.
  • InstaShop: The followers and service are terrific; the results aren’t what you’d expect from a high-end provider, though.
  • Elite Insta: No single-purchase follower packages are offered, only expensive monthly packages.
  • Boostify: Organic growth eventually arrives, but not to the highest levels and not very quickly.
  • InstaMiracle: This service defines a middle-of-the-pack option; not bad, not great.
  • Follower Flow: Results are about half of what you receive from one of our top four recommended services.
  • Craft Comments: We like their comments, but their TikTok followers don’t provide strong growth.
  • Genius Gram: Geo-targeted followers are quite pricey and don’t do any better for account growth.
  • InstaMiracle: Real followers won’t hurt your account, but won’t do it an enormous amount of good, either.
  • Lift Likes: Budget-friendly choice that delivers low levels of organic growth.
  • Impact Insta: Their website is state-of-the-art, but the genuine followers they supply are mostly pedestrian.
  • Fusion Snap: Some people say they get good results; others say trying this service was largely a waste of money.


Should I buy TikTok followers as a new creator?

Purchasing a small amount to launch your account can be beneficial. It boosts exposure for your content and lets you attract more organic followers by telling TikTok’s algorithms that your account deserves a larger audience. Just be sure to post actively so those new organic followers remain your fans over the long term.

What’s a good number of followers to purchase?

For a new account, starting with 100-250 followers is a good introductory boost. Any more than that could seem suspicious. However, established accounts may want to buy followers in larger quantities of 1,000+ for major pushes. Quality is key, too. Be sure to choose a trusted provider of verified real followers, like the ones we reviewed in this article.

Won’t my account get banned if I buy followers?

As long as you purchase authentic followers from a reputable company, there is very little risk of your account facing issues. Only the fake followers created by scammy websites put your account in danger of being penalized or deleted.

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