Court upholds ban injunction

HONOLULU – Today the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in Hawaii v. Trump upholding a nationwide injunction against President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban, dated Sept. 24, 2017, which seeks to ban immigration and many visitor visas for the citizens of six Muslim-majority countries. Because of a prior order issued by the Supreme Court, the travel ban will, however, remain in effect for the time being.

“Once again, Hawaii’s spirit of ohana prevails – that nobody gets left behind and nobody gets targeted for unfair discrimination,” said Attorney General Doug Chin in a news release. “I have always believed that the rule of law, reinforced by Hawaii’s values, will win the day. Make no mistake: our values of diversity and inclusion are America’s values, and they will light the way even through our darkest of hours.”

The court declared that the “[p]roclamation functions as an executive override of broad swaths of immigration laws that Congress has used its considered judgment to enact[,]” and noted that “[t]he Executive cannot without assent of Congress supplant its statutory scheme with one stroke of a presidential pen.”