Letters to the editor: 02-27-18

Focus on something worthwhile

The Humanity Star is over Hawaii this week. All should quit complaining and look up.


Check out www.thehumanitystar.com.

Dave Miller


Path protocol needs clarifying

After reading Friday’s letter to the editor from Stan Chraminski, I have a question. Is the shoulder area including the striped path on the shoulder considered a bike path only?

I thought it was a pedestrian path (safety path) to include all walkers, runners and bicyclists. I also wish there would be signage to indicate that for safety reasons walkers/runners should face the traffic and bicyclists should ride with the traffic. If pedestrians followed these directions, it would help a lot with the pedestrian congestion during the busy times.

Also, if groups of riders or walkers would pass single file rather than walking/riding two or three or more across, that would be nice.

Diane Garber


Willing to help Kamakoa Nui Park

Thank you for bringing attention to the beleaguered Kamakoa Nui Park in Waikoloa Village. We in Waikoloa are reluctant philanthropists supporting a public golf course with losses of $600,000 on average a year, not to mention a multi-million dollar swimming pool that a single digit amount of people are expected to use.

The Waikoloa Village Association should step up to the plate and revamp this park, one of three in the village, putting our philanthropy to better and more needed use. Waikoloa is a family community, not a retirement community, yet the wisdom of the association continues to solely support projects catering to the new money.

If volunteers are needed, please count me in.

Gwyneth Wrixon


Independence would allow China to take over

In response to Eric Hafner’s letter in Monday’s paper, I would like to opine about Hawaiian independence. While removing Hawaii from the United States may seem like a move to ensure peace, I think the opposite would happen.

China is aggressively paving over coral reefs in the South China Sea to broaden the territory it claims in a march away from mainland China. The Hawaiian islands are of great strategic importance in the struggle to contain the expansion now underway in China. If the United States simply pulled out it would take about two minutes for the Chinese to steam this way to take control of these islands.

Of course the United States would never leave, but it might be a fun exercise to decide whether you wish the islands to remain part of America or become part of China. That is not an appealing thought in my opinion!


Steve Kent