CERT basic training course offered in Waimea

Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency has scheduled an in-depth, four-day Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) basic training course spread over four Saturdays June 2 through 23 at Waimea School Cafeteria on Mamalahoa Highway.

Senate Bill 2996 crashes and burns

Hawaii lives and breathes through its airports and the airlines that service them. We are the only state where air travel is the only practical way to get residents from one point in the state to another and the only state that cannot be reached by land. Our airports are the first and last impressions millions of visitors get of our state. These are same visitors who support our largest industry, tourism, the economic driver for the state. And their numbers are growing (or at least they were until the latest eruption overreaction in the national press). Here in Kona alone, airline seat capacity in the first quarter of 2018 was 30 percent above what it was in 2017.

Full STEAM Ahead

Hawaii Technology Academy hosted a STEAM Expo (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) Saturday at Kona Commons. Students showcased their work in a family-friendly, hands-on environment.

Displaced Leilani residents recall Mount St. Helens eruption

The explosion early Thursday morning of Halema‘uma‘u crater, which sent a volcanic ash cloud 30,000 feet high and deposited a light layer of ash on Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and surrounding areas, reminded two displaced Leilani Estates residents of an event that took place 38 years ago today — the violent explosion of Mount St. Helens, which killed 57 people directly and caused more than $1 billion in damage.

Detained Saudi women driving campaigners branded traitors

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Just weeks before Saudi Arabia is set to lift its ban on women driving, the kingdom’s state security said Saturday it had detained seven people who are being accused of working with “foreign entities.” Rights activists say all those detained had worked in some capacity on women’s rights issues, with five of those detained among the most prominent and outspoken women’s rights campaigners in the country.

Lava hysteria enough to wanna hole up

I strive mightily to avoid visiting civilization except when necessity prevails, when the fresh salmon comes in, or the milk starts asking for my ID. Recently, during one of my anonymous excursions to town, I heard the following hilarious fictions:

Island on fire

A fiery river of molten rock was on a collision course Saturday night with Highway 137 and the Pacific Ocean, prompting officials to warn about hazardous volcanic gas known as “laze” if lava meets the sea.

Rare tax cuts proposed

HILO — Kohala Councilman Tim Richards is attempting something that rarely happens in Hawaii County government — he wants to lower taxes.

Rain, mud and fog don’t halt Justify’s Triple Crown quest

BALTIMORE — The day looked much the same. There were wastebaskets catching rainwater seeping through the ceiling, cardboard and wood chips and carpets meant to soak up days’ worth of dampness at Pimlico Race Course. The track resembled peanut butter, not dirt, and the fog rolled in as if on cue, producing a thick white curtain as the horses loaded the gate, leaving the race caller to rely on television monitors, rather than what he could see with his own eyes.