It was only a matter of time

WASHINGTON — It was probably only a matter of time before some unbalanced person decided that he needed to take out a few members of the “fake news” media.

The Trump evangelicals have lost their gag reflex

WASHINGTON — Billy Graham has been one of the most visible, respected and influential Christians in the world since the 1950s. But he often had a blind spot when it came to politics. Graham was Richard Nixon’s golfing buddy and spiritual adviser. He was there to pray with Nixon after every victory and loss. And Nixon consulted him on everything from his vice presidential pick to the conduct of the Vietnam War.

Liberals’ rose-colored glasses cloud facts

WASHINGTON — Is there anything more depressing than a cheerful liberal? The question is prompted by one such, historian David Goldfield, who has written a large-hearted book explaining that America’s problems would yield to government’s deft ameliorating touch if Americans would just rekindle their enthusiasm for it.

Can there be a charitable reading of ‘s—hole?’

CAMDEN, S.C. — While recently perusing unread books gathering dust on my shelves, one tome caught my eye and, upon being loosed from the grip of neglect, fell open to a random page from which leapt the following sentence: “The ancestors of a critical and growing mass of present-day Americans existed in dung heaps of humanity amidst rotting vegetables.”

Trump is at war with the central ideal of the Republic

WASHINGTON — Sometimes it is necessary to begin with the obvious. The claim that America needs more Norwegian migrants and fewer Africans from “sh-thole countries” is racist. It is not the same as arguing for a higher-skilled immigrant pool. That argument might go something like: “We need a higher-skilled immigrant pool.”

Stop arguing over semantics and improve our highways

The Hawaii Department of Transportation decided to defer most roadway capacity projects in 2016. This is why there won’t be a lot of new roads constructed statewide going forward. I didn’t agree with this arbitrary decision, as I believe there is a way to continue the much-needed capacity program, along with maintaining the existing inventory of state roads and highways.

It used to be so much simpler, and better

Way back as a kid, I was driving to Naalehu in Ka’u and while rounding a curve on the narrow road with no center line, I came across a loaded dump truck that took up most of the road, heading in the opposite direction. Visibility was poor and I was traveling too fast for the prevailing conditions.