Letters to the Editor: 1-17-18

Here’s what needs to happen after false alarm

Because of the panic it caused:


Fire the programmer who failed to put a retraction button in the program.

Fire the person who bought such a program without thinking about the need of retraction.

Fire the person who approved buying the program without checking to see if there was a retraction.

Fire the person who pushed the wrong button.

Fire the person who did not train the one pushing the button.

Fire the supervisor who did not maintain contact to know what was going on.

Fire the head of the department for failing in all the above.

Fire the governor for allowing such incompetence to be in any department.

P.S. The next day tell them that the firing was a mistake and there is no danger of being fired. It was only a test.

Bob Duffer


Fire those responsible

I am incredulous with the ineptitude of the people dealing with this emergency missile fiasco! OK, so the wrong button was pushed. Really, it’s as easy as this? One person pushes a button with no safe guard in place?

For heaven’s sake their own cellphones would have received the alert. So it took them 38 minutes to rectify this? A very poor system. It is not only the poor soul who pushed the button but even more, the fools who designed this system.

We have a fool for a president having dust-ups with a childish dictator leading to the need to have a system to warn us if one of them acts unusually crazy. Unfortunately, we need to take this more seriously.

Starting with firing the inept people responsible for the system design and also the person who pushed the button. They obviously have been promoted beyond their capabilities.

Helen Behrmann


Move to Norway instead

Why would anyone from Norway want to come to the United States?

Norway’s life expectancy, years of schooling, income, employment, exports and imports and internet users are greater than the United States’.

Perhaps instead, the Republican president would like to immigrate to Norway, as America’s homicide rate, inequality and carbon dioxide emissions are greater than Norway’s. (Many of these numbers are per person, percentage of population or percentage of Gross Domestic Product. Source: Human Development Indicators from United Nations Development Programme).

Vivian Green

Waikoloa Village

WHT a good paper

I’m not one of your “shrinking readership” people, on the contrary, I’ve been reading your newspaper since the ‘70s when you published three times a week and find you’re getting better all the time!

Keep on trucking!

C.F. Steffen

Captain Cook

MLK event a real treat

I would like to thank the Martin Luther King Jr. Kona Community Celebration Committee and its volunteers for the wonderful program on Jan. 14. It was a very diverse program with music, dance and readings for all ages. And some very good food donated by the community.

Especially heart-warming were the artwork and messages created by Kona’s elementary school children. Anyone who hasn’t attended the MLK Kona Community Celebration in the past should make it a point attend next year’s event. I’m certainly glad I did.


Elizabeth Poire