Plant of the month: Lilies signal the start of spring

Masses of small zephyr lilies make a lovely ground cover that blooms nearly year round. (Courtesy of
Day lilies can add color and beauty to small garden beds as well as in mass plantings. (Courtesy of
The orange Barbados lily blooms throughout West Hawaii in the spring. (Courtesy of
The lovely Easter lily is widely available now and, with special care, can live and flower next year as well. (Courtesy of
The Queen Emma cultivar has many of the valuable characteristics of other spider lilies with the added beauty of her purple accents. (Courtesy of Kim and Forest Starr)

Lots of lilies are in bloom now, announcing the arrival of spring. Growing them in your garden can encourage your appreciation of our subtle seasonal change. Many members of the large Liliaceae family are well suited to our climate including the Barbados lily, Queen Emma lily, daylily and zephyr lily. Consider growing some members of this lovely family in beds or in mass plantings to beautify your landscape and welcome spring.