K-Drama weekly update: 04-26-18: KBFD has new channel number

KBFD has a new channel number on Spectrum, formerly Oceanic Cable, on Channel 2 and 1002HD. Oahu residents have seen KBFD on 4, 82 and 1004 in the past and neighbor island viewers have seen KBFD on 82. As of 3 p.m. April 12, KBFD started statewide coverage in HD on Spectrum Channel 2 and 1002HD. Those who have Hawaiian Telcom will see KBFD on 12 and 1012HD. The new channel location will bring new viewers to KBFD and bring consistency throughout the state of Hawaii. KBFD has been serving Hawaii since March 24, 1986, as a pioneer in Korean broadcasting in the U.S. English subtitling of our dramas and popular shows, along with K-pop, has crossed cultural barriers and is now a mainstream station in Hawaii.