Equal time for macaroons

Having just celebrated a special day for chocolate chip cookies, the month of May indulges us with another sweet treat tomorrow: National Macaroon Day. Do not confuse these with the French macaron, which has no coconut and is decidedly more complicated to make. The name derives from the Italian “maccarone” that refers to the almond paste originally used in the recipe. What I love about macaroons is their almost foolproof make-and-bake simplicity, often with as little as three ingredients (egg whites, coconut, and almonds) as well as their ability to be made in advance. Macaroons can also be flourless for those who prefer gluten-free options, and their texture can be either crispy or chewy. Versions around the world include the addition of ginger or cinnamon, substituting cashews or hazelnuts for the almonds, and the ever-popular chocolate-dipped macaroon. As with other cookies, mixing by hand and using parchment-lined cookie sheets are recommended.