Honokaa woman arrested for murder of toddler who died in foster care

Fabian Garett-Garcia, 3, died July 25, 2017, at North Hawaii Community Hospital in Waimea after police and medics responded to a foster home in Waimea where the child was found not breathing. (Courtesy photo/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Chasity Alcosiba, 44, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of second-degree murder. After her arrest, police contacted the Prosecutor’s Office, which declined to press charges against Alcosiba at the time. She was then released from custody. (HPD/Special to West Hawaii Today)

During a March 23 sign-waving event in Waimea, Kawika Spencer Oliveira, left, and Keziah Grant Spencer hold signs in support of justice for Fabian Garett-Garcia. (Laura Ruminski/West Hawaii Today)

KAILUA-KONA — The parents of a 3-year-old toddler who died last year while in foster care are hopeful a 44-year-old Honokaa woman arrested for murder in connection with the boy’s death will be brought to justice.