Plant of the Month – Dwarf poinciana

The Compton variety of the dwarf Poinciana has lovely deep rose petals and the same delicate leaves of the other varieties. (Courtesy / Kim and Forest Starr)
The flava cultivar of the dwarf Poinciana produces very attractive yellow flowers. (Courtesy /
The beautiful flowers, delicate leaves and decorative pods make dwarf Poinciana an attractive addition to any garden. (Courtesy / Kim and Forest Starr)
Dwarf Poinciana trees can grow wide but usually not taller than 15 feet. (Courtesy / Kim and Forest Starr)
The lovely flowers with their long stamens as well as the delicate leaves makes the dwarf Poinciana a great addition to any landscape. (Courtesy /

Tree lovers among us can wax eloquent about the huge and beautiful royal poinciana trees that grow in and around Kona town. Sadly, growing them in our home gardens requires more space than most of us have available. Luckily this grand tree has a smaller cousin. The dwarf poinciana has a similar but smaller flower and would be an excellent alternative choice where space is limited.