Jenine Boido enjoying simple pleasures of farm life in Keauhou Mauka

Jenine’s lemon tree is in full production now providing lots of juice for the Boidos.
The crown flower is one of the favorite foods of the monarch butterfly caterpillar. Jeanine’s shrub was surrounded by monarchs looking for a place to lay the eggs for their caterpillars.
The view from the Boido’s deck is one of the gems that Jenine enjoys on her farm.
Jenine and Abram have enjoyed living in the farmhouse that was built in 1984 using a multifaceted home kit. (Photo courtesy / Diana Duff)
Jenine is able to control alpha goat Kaia by carrying a water spray bottle and occasionally spraying her when she misbehaves. (Photos courtesy / Diana Duff)

KEAUHOU MAUKA — Two barking dogs raced at my truck as I pulled into the drive at Jenine and Abram Boido’s farmhouse. Once I was out of the vehicle Mascarita, and Bonito began wagging their tails and licking my hands. Not dangerous watchdogs but definitely useful farm dogs, I later learned.