Where are the NIMBYs when you need ‘em?

I see we have another housing development in Kailua-Kona. This would normally be good news for the public except for the fact that for the majority, if not all, of the public these units are way beyond financial reach.

The term affordable units used to justify yet another gated community. Once built, the reality is that the very rich are the ones to benefit and a huge amount of working class people will remain homeless or forever paying rent that takes two jobs to afford.


This past election showed the reason this continues in Hawaii. I voted for Josh Green, who, thinking he was really going to be concerned about the people who elected him, only to find out that the carpenters union bought him for $1 million, buying a place in the state government which led to one of the union’s representative receiving a post in our state government.

Mr. Dru Kanuha was another candidate to receive large donations.

I remember when a housing subdivision was built specifically for the benefit of average working families. These lots in Kona are 15,000-square-feet. The average subdivision lot on Oahu is 5,000-square-feet. That means for one luxury lot you could put three family homes.

This also will cost us, the average Joe, the person that they will make a small access to the beach for, more traffic — not to mention other services i.e: sewage, electricity and water. All this going to people not from here.


When are those in power going to stop catering to money and take care of the backbone of Hawaii. Without the state’s workers this state would come to a standstill. Where are the NIMBYs when you need them? I have a very bad case of voter’s remorse. Does any one know a doctor who can help me? Josh?

Paul Santos is a resident of Ocean View.