Plant of the Month for April – The Portulaca genus

One of the few portulacas native to Hawaii, the villosa has fat, fleshy leaves and small white flowers. (Courtesy / Kim and Forest Starr)
The portulaca native to Molokini has a distinctive leaf shape and growth habit. (Courtesy / Kim and Forest Starr)
The double flower of some Portulaca grandifolia cultivars make a stunning display in a hanging basket. (Source:
Edible purslane can add a slightly lemony flavor to a salad, soup or stew. (Source:
"All Aglow" is one of the Portulaca umbraticola cultivars that produces multicolored flowers. (Source:
Purslane is an attractive ground cover that is also edible. (Source: TEN by Maggie McDermott)
The double flowers on some moss rose portulaca species look great in a container or any sunny spot in a Kona garden. (Source: Wikipedia)
The moss rose portulaca makes a colorful ground cover at lower elevations in Kona. (Source:

The Portulaca genus of plants is in the Portulacaceae family, which includes about 400 species. Forty different species of the Portulaca genus exist throughout tropical and warm temperate locations.