Small Business Matters: Permitting reform update

State of Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services Building Construction Inspector Brian Jenkins stands in the expansive loby of Keahuolu Courthouse under construction on Tuesday. (Laura Ruminski/West Hawaii Today)
Neal Tanaka, acting deputy Building Division chief, left, and Andrew Donovan, acting Building Division chief, work on a computer at the Building Department at the West Hawaii Civic Center. The County Council approved a three-year, $320,000 software license that the administration said will fix the problem holding up the county’s $2.3 million building permit system as well as improve geographic information systems at the Civil Defense Agency, Mass Transit Agency and other county departments. (Laura Ruminski/West Hawaii Today file)

It’s a widely acknowledged fact that the current state of our local building permit process inhibits economic development. It’s an inefficient, incoherent, costly, and woefully fragmented process.