Letters to the editor: 07-05-19

Residents happy at Kamakana

I have some points I’d like to make regarding Kamakana Lei Kupuna after your recent article concerning residents and security issues there.


1. Kamakana Lei Kupuna (senior units) has been open since January 2018. With 85 apartments. Not to mention equal that in Lei Ohana (the family units).

2. I believe a complex of this size needs anywhere from three to five years to accomplish conditions that meet everyone’s expectations. To expect less than that is purely emotional and unrealistic. It seems more like a tantrum of a few children.

3. I have spoken to residents who have not been affected by disturbances. I know of one incident where a moped was stolen and a car keyed. The owner of the moped expected the management to tell him of prior thefts so he could secure his moped better. Should he need that specific information before securing his moped better? Maybe he should have asked management when he brought his moped on to the property.

No one I have talked with has witnessed drug dealings on our property. I attended the March meeting with police. I heard a few people say they continually report illegal activity. I heard them say they didn’t follow through with meeting the police. They complained it was too late in the evening. They didn’t ask the police to come to their apartment to finish the report. I see this as problem versus a solution.

4. Residents who break the rules are being evicted. But these processes take time as I mentioned in 2.

5. Majority of residents believe the management is addressing prevention, general security and personal needs of individual residents as needed.

6. Our reputation in the community is important to us. I believe we are represented fairly in this article.

7. This community is comfortable. We are happy, secure and attended to by the management. They try hard to keep us that way.

8. We are only asked to report an incident (if you feel comfortable) doing so.

9. Management has a communication system that alerts residents when and if it’s necessary.

10. Neighborhood watches have been proven to be effective all over the country. It has only been discussed, for our community. It could be implemented, if needed in the future.

11. We live in a reasonable society with reasonable rules and regulations. We co-exist, tolerate and understand our differences. We accept the timeline to fix common issues that we share with all west side housing communities. We are grateful for what is already in place and look forward to the future of our community.

12. I would only say to the naysayers: Try to have more patience and faith and be more of a team player. Remember, if you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem.

Thank you for your cooperation in printing this letter. We are all appreciative.

Patricia Ferraro

Lei Kupuna resident

No bonuses for county government

The Salary Commission is considering awarding bonuses to county government department heads in order to attract/retain civil service senior managers.

Bonuses, incentives, etc. should be considered and awarded on the basis of one parameter only: performance.

Our county government is a termite nest of expensive incompetence. Can any citizen of Hawaii County readily identify a single function of government where Hawaii County performs to a standard of excellence?

The bus system is a shambles. Simple building approvals take forever. The Kona Aquatic Center is closed for the summer. The Department of Water Supply cannot repair and maintain wells. Road improvements are virtually non-existent. The waiting lines at motor vehicle places are hours long.

When the department heads of Hawaii County start demanding accountability and excellence from their departments, and when the citizens of Hawaii County start seeing improvements in the quality of Hawaii County government and services, then the Salary Commission might start considering bonuses.

Not before!


Kenneth Beilstein