Letters to the editor: 10-22-19

Law that lies no law at all

Did you know that even if all the legislators in this state were to agree to create a law that proclaimed pink flowers illegal because they cause cancer that they could not do it?


Why? Because there is not a shred of evidence to demonstrate such a conclusion – that it simply is not true. Likewise, there is no scientifically demonstrated evidence that marijuana is any more harmful than salt, or for that matter, pink flowers.

A decade or so ago, as a member of the Hawaii County Council, I tried to pass a resolution to decriminalize marijuana, and while 63% of the voters supported the idea, my fellow lawmakers rejected my bill, though eventually it morphed into controlled use legalization, and passed several years later.

The rationale at that point had nothing to do with any concerns associated with the use of marijuana but instead that the state/county could receive substantial revenue if they were to create a controlled substance status. That is contrary to decriminalization, whereby marijuana would be considered no different than pink flowers.

Any law proclaiming a lie is by definition void, and any worthy student of the law knows that. So why are the so-called marijuana law offenders being prosecuted in our state courts (Hilo)?

You know why, and it’s time to do something about it. There are other ways to acquire revenue that are not punitive, do not threaten us or our health, and do not infringe upon our freedom to choose.

Kelly Greenwell


Tulsi failed Clinton’s test

It’s just too easy to use Hillary Clinton as a foil but really, Tulsi, that was childish.

Hillary made a statement. Her statement was in fact true. Russian bots and trolls are actively pushing Tulsi Gabbard — whether it’s with her permission or not — and there was no accusation that this was something that Tulsi was part of, rather more like the Russians are at it again and this is who they are pushing.

Calling Hillary a warmonger was wrong. First, she really is not one. Second, based on the information when she voted for troop deployment it was because everyone who voted for it had been duped and given misinformation. Information that would have changed their votes was withheld. So put the blame on the right person. In this case, Bush and Cheney.

But back to Tulsi.

She owes Clinton an apology and the sooner she does so the better this will look. Instead of attacking the messenger, Clinton, Tulsi missed a golden opportunity to attack the problem.

The problem is the current administration is doing nothing to protect us from outside meddling by foreign interests in our elections. Tulsi probably is not a part of this scheme but that will not prevent the Russians from trying to manipulate voters and indirectly Tulsi herself.

Clinton was pointing out what is happening. She was right and rather than take the baton, Tulsi grabbed it to club Clinton. Exactly what Russia wants? Maybe. They want chaos.

Tulsi, however, did demonstrate one thing clearly. She lacks the temperament to be President of the United States of America.


John Pierce

Waikoloa Village

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