Organic ’glamor camping’ : Bonderas living sustainably on Kanalani Ohana Farm in South Kona

Colehour spends Saturday mornings selling Kanalani Ohana Farm crops and products at the Farmers Market in Keauhou.
The organic coffee from Kanalani Ohana Farm is some of the best 100% in Kona.

Melanie spends lots of time in the field during coffee harvest.

The view from the deck at Kanalani Ohana Farm encourages taking your work outside. (Diana Duff/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Melanie and Colehour have been committed to a sustainable life style for many years. (Photos by Diana Duff / Special to West Hawaii Today)

Driving their coffee mill with a bicycle means less fossil fuel use in the operation. (Diana Duff/Special to West Hawaii Today)

SOUTH KONA — Managing a sustainable organic farm requires dedication and hard work. Melanie and Colehour Bondera are committed to both, living as sustainably as is possible on their 5.4-acre Kanalani Ohana Farm in South Kona.