Letters to the editor: 11-19-19

Maunakea tourist trap

After reading the paper this morning I was so happy for Gov. David Ige and his assistant Josh Green. Everything seems to be going according to plan up on Maunakea.


It’s becoming a must-do on the tourist trail. The front page of the paper shows Uncle Maunakea living in his cave — a brilliant idea to lure tourists. Everything is set, there are porta potties, an infirmary that was helped established by Josh Green, a cafeteria for the hungry protesters (nothing like a day of protesting and dancing to get the appetite going).

It’s a tourist attraction. On Hawaii News Now it looked as though some tourists were doing the boogie woogie to the drum beat of protest musicians. Big Island tourists are excited that with a trip to the mountain,they may catch a glimpse of The Rock, or Aquaman or maybe even hear a letter of support written by Bruno Mars read by a protest leader.

Many wanna-be-celebs who never heard of Maunakea until it became national news have also entered their objection to TMT. When will the tours start of Uncle Maunakea’s cave? It’s a bonanza for the tourist industry!

Tombo Lono


VA fails vets again

On Sept. 15, I was scheduled for knee surgery and a walker was to be delivered the day of the surgery. Well, the walker never showed up. When I inquired where the walker was they said I had to be trained to use a walker. My mom who is 97 uses a walker and she never needed training. They said the trainer would be here from Honolulu on Nov. 15 with the walker. I went to the VA appointment on Nov. 15 and no walker as they said it had to be ordered.

On Sept. 4, there was a meeting at the Hawaii Energy Lab for all veterans as all of the heads of the Veteran’s Administration would be there to answer our complaints, including Jennifer Gucowski, director of the VA. I gave her a letter listing my complaints, which I have never received any response.

In the past we were able to go to Island Audiology in Kailua-Kona for hearing tests or hearing aids. It took at least eight to 11 months for Island Audiology to get paid by the VA so they discontinued services to the veterans. They were good to the veterans and would give us an appointment within a few days when we called in for a hearing test or hearing aid adjustment or repairs.

Island Audiology is a business, not a bank or lending institution,. They provide a service and expect to get paid in a timely manner. If I waited that long to pay my electric bill they would cut my power off way before six months. Now I have to drive to Hilo, which is 95 miles one way, to see an audiology provider. The limit for a veteran to travel is 70 miles to have to drive for an appointment. The wait time to get an appointment is about six to nine months. I think this is unacceptable, they said at the meeting they were working on it but nothing has happened yet.

To get an X-ray, MRI, or any medical procedures has to go through Honolulu, which can take a month or more. The local VA clinic use to be able to prescribe or order services without going through Honolulu. This would be the preferred way.

I went to Honolulu in October of 2018 and filled out a travel voucher. I just got a check for the reimbursement on Sept. 2, 2019. This is proof that it takes forever to get paid from the VA. How would Jennifer Gucowski like to wait this long for her pay check?

Paul J. Pargett


This Republican votes his conscience

Good morning Kona. I would like to respond to Bob Johnson’s “My Turn” in the Nov. 16 edition. I thought that by the headline, I was finding another Republican who had come to his senses about Donald Trump.

But alas, just another one who has drunk the Kool Aid. Mr. Johnson did have valid points on our elected leaders, both Democrats and Republicans. To all our great demise, we have become a nation with a vast number of our elected officials who are in it for their own financial greed, power and damn the people.

We continue to put the same ones back in office year after year and expect change. Think about that next time you vote.

So now to Mr. Johnson’s justification of Donald Trump: No “saint,” yes, we can agree on that. Moral guidance. Yes, another point. He has none for anyone to follow. This is when Mr Johnson runs off the rails.

Donald Trump lost by 2.1% of the popular vote. It represents the biggest reason that has ever come along in my 68-year history on this Earth to get rid of the Electoral Congress that put this man in office. Give the vote back to the American people. One individual, one vote.

Trump is not a president of the people. He is a manufactured corrupt individual put in office by a antiquated system. Do I believe politics is a dirty unholy business? Yes. But I ask you, Mr. Johnson, is that a good reason to put a person of the same qualities in as President of the United States? Trump has done nothing but continue the cycle on a grander scale.

At present I am a retired Republican and not yet a Democrat. I no longer vote party line. I vote my conscience. My hope it that there are still people of conviction who can lead our great country out of the national and global mess Donald Trump and his henchman have delivered to our doorstep.

Am I as naive as the individual you referred to? I hope that through my years I am not. I fear for the republic. I fear for us as a nation of free thinkers, advancers of the betterment of the whole, once again proud to be great on the national and world stage. I do not subscribe to Donald Trump’s bubble of division and hate. Because as we all know, bubbles burst.

God Bless America.


Barry Christian