Letters to the editor: 11-20-19

Behavior doesn’t overshadow Trump’s results

Mr. Christian, retired Republican not yet a Democrat, has some very big problems with our president and our system of how we elect our president. Like almost all Democrats, he does not favor the Electoral College. Like so many Americans he does not understand why we don’t just have a popular vote election system.


Well, our Founding Fathers understood in order to represent all American voters the Electoral voting system was established to give voice to voters in rural parts of the country whose needs might differ from the city voter. Without the Electoral College only people who live in large cities would elect our leaders.

Mr Christian is very troubled by our president’s way of doing the country’s business. I, too, have some problems with Mr. Trump’s coarseness but I am willing to look past his personal style and focus on his achievements.

Mr. Christian, how is your 401K performing? How much less will you pay in taxes this year? How is the company you own or work for doing? Do you own any stock, because if you do you’re probably pretty happy with your stocks’ performance over the last three years. How about President Trump’s success with ISIS and al-Baghdadi? He promised to end America’s endless wars, a promise he’s keeping (funny Dems used to be against the wars).

Frankly, Mr. Christian, I do not share your fear for our country. For me, President Trump has set America on a very good path. A better path than this country has been on in some time.

P.S. The oceans are not rising!

Dave Chrisman


Do lawmakers actually envy Trump’s wealth?

Roll Call published an edition of Wealth of Congress in February 2018, called “Ranking the Net Worth of the 115th” by Paul V. Fontelo and David Hawkings (rollcall.com)

With the 116th Congress now sworn in, work will begin on a new edition scheduled to publish here in early 2020.

Roll Call has been examining the finances of members of Congress since 1990 by combing through their annual financial disclosure reports. This Wealth of Congress study comes from compiling more than 28,000 rows of data from the most recent filings — snapshots of the assets and liabilities of every House member and senator just as their service in the 115th Congress began. (For almost every lawmaker, that’s New Year’s Eve 2016; the seven winners of special elections in 2017 filed during their campaigns.)

I find it intriguing that Trump went and got elected president as a very rich man, while lawmakers went to Washington to become rich. Now the Democratic Party is doing its damnedest to get him impeached, not because he is rich, but he wants to keep them from getting richer by exposing them and their greed. How can you become a millionaire when you earn less than $200,000 annually?


Timothy Estabrook