Letters to the editor: 11-21-19

Donate Trump earnings back to Trump

My 401K is performing very well, Dave Chrisman. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the national debt because it has grown to such astronomical heights under Trump that I don’t think that the end could be seen even with the Thirty Meter Telescope.


Since your 401K is doing so well, and President Trump gave you a tax incentive, how about giving some of that hard-earned money to the Trump campaign, after all, the Trump kids need the money.

President Trump is doing all he can to keep immigrants out. Just think, if we had presidents like him all along, Donald Trump would not be with us today because his parents and wife were all immigrants!

And I feel confident that from the vantage point where you keep your head, Mr. Chrisman, you cannot see the oceans rising.

P.S. You don’t need to show us your tax returns because you probably don’t make that much money for us to be interested and also, you are not the President of the United States of America.

Elizabeth Purse


Kona deserves new hospital

Kona Hospital is woefully inadequate to serve the needs of West Hawaii, yet the powers-that-be feel it is more important to spend millions of dollars on new buildings for county offices and a courthouse.

The people of Kona deserve a new hospital, able to care for our community without constantly having to send patients to Oahu. Our hard-earned tax dollars should benefit Kona’s residents, not just governmental infrastructure.


Tamara Warren