My Turn: Kangaroo court bad sign for democracy

Whether you are my neighbor next door, or the President of the United States, our Constitution provides for the right to confront our accusers, to produce evidence of a crime, and never, never, never allow hearsay evidence into a court of law.

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, behind closed doors, without other members of the committee allowed in to review any evidence or testimony, (and to provide the veracity of evidence to be presented) have come public with their star witnesses. These witnesses, who could have been valuable if they had any evidence to present, have whined and sobbed on international television without presenting any kind of actual evidence.


What happened behind closed doors to create such an atmosphere of hysteria that these people would actually do this?

Marie Yovanovitch, who is supposed to be a seasoned professional, whined about losing her job — and who did nothing to stop supposed collision during the 2016 campaign. Of course she lost her job. And she said, “I have no first hand knowledge of President Trump’s phone calls or any foreign aid being withheld for political purposes.” So why is she there?

We saw it happen at the Kavanaugh hearings. We saw it again in the Mueller investigation. And now we see it happening again in Adam Schiff’s court as he and Nancy refuse to allow any cross-examination, or present any real evidence.

People, wise up, and be afraid. Your rights are being undermined right in front of our eyes.

Our Congress is not taking care of our business, our newspapers and TV reporters haven’t even given us heads-up on the charges being brought against the collusion by the creators of the Mueller report, and we are about to have to refund the federal government, which has taken a back seat to all of this.


Guaranteed though, our congressional representatives will take home their pay, and go on vacation.

Vicki Penney-Rohner is a resident of Kailua-Kona.