Pikake a wonderful addition to a Hawaiian garden

The characteristically heavy jasmine fragrance emanates from the small flowers of the pikake. (Diana Duff/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Pikake plants can serve as a low shrub unless support is provided for their long vine-like side shoots. (public.asu.edu/via Diana Duff)

Pikake buds are made into highly valued lei whether used singly or combined with other plants like maile. (hawaiiflowerlei.com/via Diana Duff)

White pikake flowers and buds are a pleasant contract to the dark green leaves of this plant. (caribbean-plants.com/via Diana Duff)

When in full bloom, pikake plants add a lovely fragrance to a garden, lanai or indoor house plant. (caribbean-plants.com/via Diana Duff)

The beautiful pikake lei inspired the crafting of plastic replicas during the 50s, which are now valuable vintage pieces. (Hawaii.com/via Diana Duff)

The Arabian jasmine (Jasminum sambac) is known in Hawaii as pikake. This lovely plant produces a fragrant white lei flower and makes a wonderful addition to a Hawaiian garden. Though likely native to India and Southeast Asia rather than Arabia, its arrival in Hawaii so delighted Princess Ka’iulani that she named it after her beloved birds, the peacocks.