Runnin’ with Rani: Local athlete Dr. Adam Ankrum on the front line amid COVID-19

Dr. Ankrum is a triathlete and a 2015 Ironman World Championship finisher. (Rani Henderson/Hawaii Sport Events)

Dr. Adam Ankrum is one of many currently working on the front lines amid COVID-19. Dr. Ankrum is an emergency medicine physician at North Hawaii Community Hospital's ER department, a husband and father of three boys, an avid runner and triathlete. (Adam Ankrum/Courtesy Photo)

Dr. Ankrum frequently competes in local running races such as December's Jingle Bell Beach Run. (Makena Becker/Hawaii Sport Events)

As an emergency medicine physician in the ER department for the last 20 years, Dr. Adam Ankrum is no stranger to being on the front line to whoever comes through the door needing immediate medical attention.