My Turn: COVID-19 vs. transparency

COVID-19 is a virus that no one seems to have any real answers to other than the good lord himself, which has only allowed this virus to take front row and center seat to some pretty outlandish conspiracy theories. I know this, because I’m one of those people.

But isn’t that to be expected by any citizen within a community where their government has been so corruptive and shady for so darn long that it becomes too foggy to see? Lack of transparency will most definitely lead to lack of trust. But yet, our leaders are baffled by the lack of cooperation by their constituents.


The proof is in the pudding, as the old adage goes.

I personally believe this is just another political stunt, laced with more corruption, and a few affluent wanting to control humanity by removing us farther away from our natural and moral rights, elector power, and livelihoods. Think about it? Why has Gov. David Ige been so secretive, and felt the need to remove our transparency laws during a time when facts and answers are extremely crucial?

And why is it that our Health Department is lying to us when peoples lives are at “supposed” dire straights?

And what’s this? No one in the world is no longer dying of any other causes other than COVID-19?

How many people do you personally know has been struck down by COVID-19?

Then we have selective members and businesses that are able to open and/or go about their daily lives, while others are forced to remain shut down. As if COVID-19 plays favoritism like our leaders.

Then there are the obituaries and funeral announcements that are simply not adding up to the actual amount of deaths.

Then there’s all the close-contact protesting and rioting, but yet, those folks are still going strong.

Then we have people out their wearing cotton bandanas and face masks, which by the way are the least effective, per researchers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

Then we have leaders with overweening egos that will never admit that they have no clue as to how to handle the tourists coming here and contaminating all of us. You fine/charge these people, then what? Send them back home or to jail to contaminate others, while refusing to let residents of Hawaii know where those tourists went when they were in violation?

Then our judicial system allows criminals to be released from jail, yet law abiding citizens are penalized and left to deal with these unsavory characters. A mass release and never giving one thought about their victims.

And yet, our leaders have the audacity to put this back on us? Uh huh.


To all our elected officials: I think you’ve all cried wolf one too many times. Therefore, your sheep are no longer listening.

Lisa Malakaua is a resident of Hilo.