Ma’ona Community Garden – Chantal Chung

Ma’ona Community Garden offers many composting locations around the property where food, agricultural waste, and paper are transformed into soil enriching compost. (Chantal Chung/Special to West Hawaii Today)

A new “industrial sized” worm composting facility is now in operation at Ma’ona Community Garden. (Chantal Chung/Special to West Hawaii Today

Chantal Chung shows a kalamungay tree growing at Ma‘ona Community Garden in Honaunau. (Laura Ruminski/West Hawaii Today)

Chantal Chung has her hands, arms, legs and both feet full overseeing all of the programs she has running at Ma’ona Community Garden. She was a founding member of the Garden in 2007 establishing it as a nonprofit organization with the mission of creating and supporting community food systems. As the Garden’s Project Manager, Chantal has applied for and been awarded supportive grants for projects that are designed to increase our community’s capacity to be environmentally sustainable, economically vibrant, physically healthy and socially cohesive.