Lava lake drops slightly, emissions decrease

An aerial photograph of Halema‘uma‘u crater at Kilauea Volcano’s summit shows changes to the ongoing eruption. (M. Patrick/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Early Saturday, activity at the west vent in Halema‘uma‘u crater wall at Kilauea's summit increased. This photo, taken at approximately 5:15 a.m, shows fountaining at the west vent, and lava pouring from the north end of the fissure into the growing lava lake. HVO field crews monitoring the activity overnight measured the west vent lava fountains as at least 32 feet high. USGS photo H. Dietterich/Special to West Hawaii Today

The eruption continued overnight Saturday in Halema‘uma‘u crater at Kilauea’s summit. (USGS photo by H. Dietterich/Special to West Hawaii Today)

The lava lake inside Halema‘uma‘u crater appears to have dropped by 6 feet in depth, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reported Saturday.