Hometown Heroes: Honoka‘a Hongwanji Buddhist Temple feeding and building the community

Todd Newland, Karee Hall, Nick Newland, Linda Feldthausen and Eda Rassner were among the volunteers working in the temple social hall New Year’s Day, preparing more than 250 bags of groceries and produce.

Volunteers from the Downstairs Plating Crew join the Upstairs Distribution Crew: Ravi Singh, Eric Burkhardt, Miles Okumura, Linda Feldthausen, Fiona Weingartner, Janet Saito, Pam Yeaton, Lynn Higashi and Wendy Murakami. (Peace Committee/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Shigeko Bachino volunteers each Friday morning, preparing vegetables and salad. (Peace Committee/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Janet Saito, Paul Zivalec, Vince Keelan follow the directions of Chef Jasmine Silverstein, preparing kabocha pumpkin to accompany pork adobo. (Photos by Peace Committee/Special to West Hawaii Today)

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