Hilo mom gets probation in child starvation case


  • Kelsey Walling/Tribune-Herald Tiffany Stone, left, and defense attorney Melody Parker listen to the prosecution’s arguments during Stone’s sentencing hearing on Monday.

  • Kelsey Walling/Tribune-Herald Deputy Prosecutor Suzanna Tiapula makes her final argument during the sentencing hearing for Tiffany Stone on Monday.

  • Kelsey Walling/Tribune-Herald Tiffany Stone looks down as defense attorney Melody Parker makes notes on Monday.

  • Tiffany Stone, left, and her defense attorney Melody Parker listen to the prosecuting attorney's arguments during Stone's sentencing hearing on Monday, March 22, 2021. (Kelsey Walling/Hawaii Tribune-Herald)

A 37-year-old Hilo woman was sentenced Monday to 10 years of probation for her role in starving her 9-year-old daughter to death in 2016.