My Turn: A major move to control our lives

Citizens of Hawaii and the U.S. should not have to prove that they have been vaccinated to participate in normal human interactions in a civil society. Vaccine passports must not be a requirement of citizens to be equal to every other citizen. Not having a vaccine passport should not demote one to becoming a second class citizen. This is the first step in dehumanization of sectors of our population.

Will the next step be that the unvaccinated must wear an arm band that designates that they did not or could not be vaccinated? And what else will be in one’s passport besides the fact that no experimental vaccine was administered? How about your political affiliation? Or your complete medical history? Or how about your credit history?


Wouldn’t it be more efficient if we each had a patch on our sleeve that could be read by a smart phone that will link to everything about us? Wouldn’t that simplify things for the authorities? “Papers, please.” In Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, one had to have their papers in order and on their person to travel or participate in many public affairs. Just walking down the street without one’s papers was an offense and could be punished or one could be detained and interrogated.

Vaccine passports are a very bad idea. The fact that our leadership is even considering instituting this idea tells us something about how they think and what their agenda is.

I hope you see how this idea can mutate and become a way to completely control and segregate our people into the privileged and the disenfranchised. Don’t think it can happen? Think again. How many freedoms and rights have we lost since 9/11 and now COVID-19? Is your life far more controlled and abbreviated than it used to be? Yeah, you bet it is.

Can you see where this is going? We are all becoming little more than numbers in a government ledger. Some will be free and most will have to prove that they are worthy and “clean,” just like in Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. And what if you are deemed “unclean” or unworthy? Then it is off to the camps or ghettos.

Listen, vaccine passports seem innocuous and sensible. But they are far more than a tracking system. They are the beginning of a two-tier system of population control. It is not about safety. It is about control. Just like the system now used in China’s social credit system. If you do not measure up to certain criteria designed at the top, you can lose access and be punished.

You have a chance, right now, to speak up and deny those in authority the power and vehicle to control our lives through the use of vaccine passports. Believe me when I say this is not about safety. It is a major move to control our lives that are becoming less and less free.


Stop this dictatorial move. Stop this loss of freedom. Demand that every citizen be treated equally whether vaccinated or not. Ask yourself whether you should be beholden to some bureaucrat who thinks he has the power to deny you full citizenship and freedoms.

Tom Beach is a resident of Waimea.