Genetically modified salmon head to US dinner plates

  • FILE - This Wednesday, June 19, 2019 file photo shows the first batch of bioengineered Atlantic salmon eggs in an incubation tray at AquaBounty Technologies' facility in Albany, Ind. Peter Bowyer, the facility manager at AquaBounty Technologies, holds one of the last batch of conventional Atlantic salmon raised at the commercial fish farm in Albany, Ind. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File)

  • AquaBounty Technologies Inc. CEO Sylvia Wulf poses for a photo with processing associates Skyler Miller, back left, and Jacob Clawson with genetically modified salmon from the company’s indoor aquaculture farm on May 26 in Albany, Ind. (AquaBounty Technologies/via AP)

INDIANAPOLIS — The inaugural harvest of genetically modified salmon began in late May after the pandemic delayed the sale of the first such altered animal to be cleared for human consumption in the United States, company officials said.